VP had an excellent brood bitch called Trauma, who was a direct offspring of the famed CH PEK’s BAGYO POR and Southernmen’s Kacha, who was off Bagyo’s littermate SOUTHERNMEN’S KABOG 1Xw 1xL and CH Southernmen’s CHA CHA. Bagyo, Kabog and Cha Cha were all direct offspring of GRCH Underdog’s POGI ROM, making Trauma a line bred bitch ripe for an outcross. Thus, when she came to heat, VP bred her to Lycan’s DIMAS 1xW, 1xD, a progeny of the famous GRCH Latin Force Kennel’s BARRACUDA ROM 9xW.

The said breeding produced four males and a female. Of the five, three of them would later distinguish themselves as match dogs: Dreadnoxx Kennel’s BRANDO 1xW, Southernmen’s Travis 2xW and GRCH Southernmen’s CUBA 6xW.

Cuba was VP’s pick of the litter. As a pup, he was well behaved. During feeding time, while the rest of the dogs on VP’s yard would all be noisy, Cuba would quietly wait for his ration. He was untouched until he was around two years old wherein his first bump was against Southernmen’s Tetris 1xW.

Upon release, the young Cuba had no idea what the hell was happening. Tetris pinned him down and shook him with all fury while he defended himself by muzzle holds. When asked to scratch, Cuba went out like a bat out of hell. Cuba was ready.

After another roll, VP decided to test Cuba’s mettle with a sanctioned match. He had faith on the pedigree behind Cuba and so for VP, his game test would be the box itself. Cuba was opened 35 lbs. and the De Guzman Bros. answered with their dog BAMBINO 1xW.

Bambino was conditioned and was to be handled by Merari of WFK. The Bambino camp was on open bet as their dog was a reputable head dog, making the pre-fight talk abuzz with anticipation with the odds mostly in favor of Bambino.

When the referee yelled pit, Cuba shot out from his corner and took Bambino by an ear hold, avoiding trouble whenever he could and taking every chance he could find with a shoulder hold. It was not long before Cuba found his rhythm and his shoulder holds were coupled with long, mean shakes then he would work the head. At the 0:38 mark, Bambino was the down dog. He refused to scratch while Cuba scratched to win like a freight train from his corner.

Cuba was opened for his second at 35m and he was pitted against a dog looking for a grand championship title, CH CMK’s DAREDEVIL 4xW. VP did not know at first that Cuba would be going against Devil, a crowd favorite who bested the likes of WPD’s BUTCH 2xW and CH HTK’s RASTAH. And knowing who his dog would be against did not deter VP from whipping Cuba to shape.

Both warriors made weight on the match day and it was on. Cuba rocketed from his corner and pinned down the champion and shook vigorously for several minutes. Devil was no push over. He eventually found his ground and took Cuba by the muzzle, popping a bleeder with a hard crunch at 0:20. Both dogs then began swapping it out and the scratching began ten minutes later with Devil to scratch. VP got a bit nervous watching Devil scratch since the champion would step back a little before rocketing from his corner. But Cuba was waiting with seething fury. After four scratches, Devil took the count at 0:53 while Cuba gave a nice courtesy scratch for his 2xW title.

Now ripe for his championship bid, Cuba was hooked with JFK’s LANCE 2xW- still at 35m. Unfortunately, the match up did not push thru and JFK paid the forfeit. Meanwhile M16 Kennel was slated to go against the boys from Rebel Terrier Kennel at 34m and M16 also had to forfeit. Thus Cuba was found as a replacement match for RTK’s RASTAH.

For this match, VP had his hands full, hence it was Anthony of Red Tide Kennel (owner of CH Red Tide’s KOGYO) who conditioned Cuba. Cuba came in slim at 34m but it seemed the one pound difference from his usual contracted weight made no difference. Cuba was a force to be reckoned with from the let go. He kept punishing the shoulder of the opposing dog until Rastah was picked up at 0:25 to save his life.

It was not long after Cuba won his championship when he was opened again to get one step closer to a grand championship shot. VP submitted Cuba’s weight to club. The boys from also GSK submitted theirs and told the club that they did not mind whoever their dog went against. But when the matchup between Southernmen and GSK was made, GSK began complaining why it was Cuba they were going against. Still the match pushed thru.

Cuba took his pace against GSK’s SIBAK at first, trying to stay out of trouble. But Sibak was able to storm past Cuba’s defenses and managed a shoulder hold which punctured a bleeder. Cuba worked his way out of the said hold and once freed, gave SIBAK his version of a shoulder hold, as if saying “This is how pros do it”. Sibak’s shoulder was dislocated and he was picked up by GSK at 0:20.

Now that CH Cuba was a 4xW, VP knew that in order to prove his dog’s mettle, he had to go against the best for Cuba’s grand championship bid. At the time, the likely candidate was CH PEK’s BENITO 4xW, who was also gunning for his grand championship. Diony YIS made the hook up possible and the match was set at 36m WWG.

It was war the moment the two champions clashed in the pit. Both started swapping holds then Cuba managed an ear hold to keep Benito at bay. Benito kept pushing of a better hold but Cuba played it smart and slick by keeping it in defense with the ear hold to tire out Benito. When Benito slowed down, Cuba went for his signature shoulder hold and shook Benito like there was no tomorrow. It seemed as if Benito’s shoulder would fall off the socket as Benito was unable to do a single scratch back to Cuba at the forty minute mark-making Cuba a grand champion.

Despite winning a grand championship, and going against notable opponents, VP wanted still to test Cuba’s limits to hush the naysayers. CH FHK’s EL BOGART was the likely candidate for such end. Again, Diony YIS made the hook possible at it was game time.

Both dogs came with kill in mind at 36.75m. Bogart cannon-balled from his corner and was met by Cuba with his favorite shoulder hold to pin Bogart down. Bogart was able to get up but failed to shake off Cuba at first. When Bogart wormed his way out of the said hold, Bogart managed a shoulder hold of his own before Cuba took him by the ear for defense. Then the two champions began swapping it out. Cuba rode the head but Bogart was deep in the chest, both pushing for dominance. Cuba found his mark by 0:16 and kept Bogart down. However Bogart was tough as nails and eventually made his way up to swap it out once more. It seemed Cuba was in trouble, but buy 0:26, Bogart was fanged and upon release, Cuba was at his chest and shoulder once more. By the half hour mark, Bogart was wearing down and had to be unfanged while Cuba was relentless with his assault. By 0:36, it was clear that Bogart was in trouble. Cuba had begun mopping the carpet with Bogart by 0:38 and the first out of hold count was completed two minutes later with Bogart as the downed dog. Bogart was able to complete his first scratch but Cuba was waiting and Bogart was down on his back once more with Cuba punishing his chest and shoulder. When it was Cuba’s turn to scratch, Bogart met him a few paces from his own corner but was unable to go toe to toe with Cuba and was showing signs as if he would turn. He found a muzzle hold on Cuba but was unable to keep him out. Finally, Bogart stood the line by 0:45 and Cuba became a 6xW.

To date, Cuba has produced notable winners, especially from his breeding with Kintanar’s NUGRA 1xW (a daughter of GRCH DGK’s TIMOY), Southernmen’s Yellow Jhane (who is off Southernmen’s Travis 2xW) and Southernmen’s Cookie (a daughter of WKK’s Billy Jr. to Southernmen’s Trauma). Some of these winners are CH DDK’s PARVO, Lock & Loaded’s SABLE 2xW, YIS Gamedog’s AMBUSH 2xW and LDK’s CUBANA 2xW. And Southernmen VP’s 2xw Berlin.

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