Airplane’s 1st and 2nd were against Carolina Knls. He stepped in when
others failed to show up. Airplane came in at 43 lbs against one that
weighted 51 lbs. Carolina stopped it at 22. They brought in another at 52
lbs shortly after but Airplane caused them to pick up in 25. The late
Caveman reffed AIRPLANE’s firs two. A couple of months later I met up
with Airplane’s owner and set one up with my twotime winner, SVK’s BDOG
( aka Hick’s BDOG). Both came in at 43 lbs. WFO reffed this one.









After 59 without holds, B-DOG failed to scratch. 4th and 5th were at 43 lbs
against Old Man Nate. AIRPLANE finished his 4th in 36 and Nate picked
up the 5th at just 25, realising he was being destroyed. Everlast refereed.
6th and 7th were against RCK. 6th was over in 22 and the 7th lasted 24.
Now, I’ll give you the story of how I attained Airplane a.k.a. Dr.Death.

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