Iron Kid was born 1988 in Germany, in the yard greek man , the name Garlaunis .Greek Garlaunis is puppy called Rambo , but Garlauni’s sold puppy Rambo only with 50 days of age,in Serb man called Velimir Vunjak . That is why some people who do not know history,Iron Kid rare dog , called Garlaunis Rambo.. Iron Kid named Rambo just 50 days . When the Iron Kid old abaut seven or eight months , buying the dog kennel Predrag Cune Gojkovic from Vunjak Velimira ,and gives him a new name CUNE IRON KID and register in ADBA.

Cune soon an agreement with Iron Kid few rolls when the Iron Kid was two years old, Cune arranges a fight with the famous dog imported from USA, with the name Radonjic Jumbo . For this fight coming viewers from around the world, as well as some television to film the fight, because those years were allowed.Cune Iron Kid wins this fight and become famous all over the world . Cune Iron Kid is known as the father, Savich Iron Kid (Cune Gadz) 7w 1LG, the largest ROM Europe . When the Iron Kid was about seven years old, Cune selling it to Hungary for breeding . but the buyer from Hungary’s making a mistake, and old and sick Iron Kid , arrange to fightr with young dog from 3.5 years . Iron Kid is lost in the fight for about 35 minutes and immediately after the fight die.

Winner in 43 min. vs RADONJIC JUMBO

Lose in 30 min. Hungary vs ALI .
R.I.P. after match.

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